COVID Restriction Update - Jan 2022 changes


Please be aware that as a Practice we have declined to offer the booster vaccination due to pressures on our workforce, if you have any queries with reference to your covid booster the please cantact 119 or please use the link at the bottom of the page to book your booster. 

Throughout the pandemic we have strived to make MKGP premises and healthcare settings as safe as possible for all our patients and staff. We will continue to do so going forward.

As you know we have never stopped delivering care to our patients.  Indeed we have consulted in higher numbers than we did pre-COVID (face to face, by telephone, by video consultation and via online consultations .  And of course we have helped to vaccinate 86% of the adult population twice in the last 6 months

MKGP has come so far in trying to minimise the impact of COVID and we are sure you understand that we need to keep the surgery as safe for ALL patients as we can.

Therefore from the 19th July we are going to keep in place most of the previous restrictions at the surgery - patients will still be asked to wear a mask, socially distance and use hand sanitiser in the surgery and staff will continue to wear PPE.  We will continue to use remote consultation tools where appropriate while continuing to see patients face to face where it is of clinical benefit to the patient. When patients come to the surgery for face to face appointments we will continue to ask patients to come to the back door and ring the bell to alert staff of your arrival. A member of staff will come and let you in and show you into the waiting room. Due to the size of the room we will be restricting the number of patients in the waiting room at any time to 4. In the case where there are already 4 patients in the waiting room, we will be able to accommodate up to 2 more patients in the corridor.

All queries and appointment requests will continue to be dealt with via the telephone.

All requests for medication need to be made in writing, no requests can be taken over the telephone

We do understand that restrictions can feel frustrating but we know that when people come to us they are sick and vulnerable (and some cannot receive the COVID vaccinations due to medical reasons) so we feel it would be wrong to not take these small precautions that can protect people. 

To book you Covid Booster please use the link below.


The Covid19 pandemic has added to the strain on all NHS services. As a result of this, waiting list times for outpatient and specialist appointments and procedures have increased for everybody. 

We appreciate that this can cause worry and uncertainty about when you will eventually receive an appointment.  The practice has no direct access to the hospital appointment lists.  

 If you have been referred by your GP/are waiting for :

  • An outpatient appointment
  • An appointment for hospital tests (eg scans)
  • A date for an operation or other treatment
  • A follow-up from your hospital team

 and you have a query about what is happening, please contact the Patient Helpdesk on 0800 048 5800.

Only call the practice if your condition has genuinely deteriorated, when you will be reviewed by one of the clinical team and appropriate action can be taken in regard to your care.


Please do not attend the surgery if you have booked or are awaiting the results of a Covid Test. Please also do not attend the surgery if you have a high temperature, new persistent cough or loss of taste or smell.

All NHS services are under severe pressure at the moment, as we look after increasing numbers of patients who are sick with covid-19 in the community, and other deteriorating conditions too.

We are also delivering the huge and vitally important covid-19 vaccination programme. Please do not contact us regarding a vaccine, we will contact you.


So that we can focus on these really important issues, we will understandably be prioritising urgent care. 

This means that when you contact us, we may have an initial conversation with you to understand how urgent your health needs are. 


If you have an issue that is not urgent, you may to wait longer than usual until your problem or concern can be dealt with. You may be asked to rebook at a later date, or at a safer time (e.g. attending for a non-urgent blood test).


Do please make sure that you continue to get in touch with us if you need to. This is particularly important if: 

• your problem is genuinely urgent

• you have a long-term condition that is getting worse

• you are worried about symptoms that might indicate cancer


Please also remember you can call NHS 111 for urgent concerns, and 999 for serious emergencies.  Your local pharmacist can also help with minor complaints too.


For adults with mental health problems including depression and anxiety, you can refer yourself directly to the local wellbeing service, via 0300 300 0055.

If you’re experiencing a mental health crisis, call the First Response Service by calling 111 and select option 2 (in Wisbech call 111, select option 1 and ask to be put through to the First Response Service).


A local CCG has produced an excellent childhood illnesses leaflet free to download here, full of advice and information for parents and carers of young children: https://hertsvalleysccg.nhs.uk/application/files/1716/0941/0098/Help_your_Child_Stay_Well_This_Winter_FINAL.pdf


The Cambridgeshire County Council has a range of support and information to help in times of urgent need: telephone 0345 045 5202 8am-6pm weekdays 9am-1pm Saturdays. Outside office hours if someone is in danger telephone 01733 234724. In an emergency, call 999. Also see www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/adults.


Thank you very much for helping us all manage under these very difficult circumstances.

Welcome to Waterbeach Surgery

Our mission is to look after every one of our patients, keep them safe, improve their health and promote their wellbeing.

Our values:

  • Patient-centered care
  • Honesty and transparency
  • Confidentiality
  • Teamwork
  • Celebrating diversity
  • Compassion
  • Continuous improvement

Visiting us during the coronavirus pandemic

  • Please wear a face mask when you come to the surgery

  • Children aren't allowed in the surgery, unless the appointment is for them. This is to minimise the risk of infection for everyone.

  • If the appointment is for a child, we ask that only one adult accompanies them



Latest NHS advice on coronavirus

Be Kind

Staff at our practice are working extremely hard and doing their best to make sure patients are safe.

Over the last 18 months, the practice has been supporting the pandemic response and ensuring our patients are able to get COVID -19 Vaccinations, at the same time as continuing to deliver primary care services.

This has made your GP practice very busy and our staff have been working incredibly hard to keep services open for patients.

We are aware patients may have experienced longer waiting times on the phone or for their appointment, but we have been working hard to ensure you recieve the right treatment from the right person.

We have increased the number of telephone appointments available, so our patients don't always have to come to the practice. We also employ a range of highly trained staff, including doctors,nurses,pharmacists, paramedics and healthcare assistants who are able to deal with a range of medical conditions, which will help patients get treated sooner. 

Whether your appointment is over the telephone,via an online consultation, or face-to-face, patients will always receive the same high quality standard of care from our practice team. 

So please, if you contact our practice be kind.

Thank you for your patience and support. 


Opening times


Monday – Friday: 8:30–18:00


We close on Saturday, Sunday and bank holidays. What to do when we're closed.

Disabled access

We have disabled car park spaces, toilets, and wheelchair access at the surgery.

Blood tests during the coronavirus pandemic

Unfortunately we're unable to offer as many blood test appointments as we used to, because we need to allow time to clean in between patients and change our personal protective equipment (PPE).

We're still offering blood tests at Waterbeach, but you might have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for an appointment.

If you'd like a test sooner, you can use the Newmarket Park and Ride Phlebotomy Service. Remember to collect your blood test request from the surgery first.

For more information, talk to our reception team on 01223 860 387.